1.  Do they have insurance?

What can go wrong?  Oh, please!  This is probably the most important event of your life.  Your Venue, Caterer, Coordinator, DJ, Photographer and even your cake vendor will most likely have insurance. It is just as important that your photo booth entertainment does as well. Are you hiring a professional or an amateur? It has been a huge trend lately of photographers,dj’s, ETC. offering a photo booth as a way to increase their revenue. Would you buy a car from your insurance salesman? I would assume not. Let’s be honest you are either ok at a lot of things or great at one single thing. I have never seen a DJ or a photographer that has a great photo booth. You are not saving money by using them!!!!!!

2   How do I know what package to choose?

Although you might think that you need 5 hours of photo booth at your event, the package you choose should be determined by the number of guests that you are inviting. If you have less than 100 guests attending, it is NOT a good investment to pay for 5 hours. If your guest list is over 250, you really should provide two booths. Because of their popularity, lines for photo booths can be very long. No one likes to wait in lines, especially guests at a wedding who have had plenty to drink and their feet are killing them.  The following rule is industry standard for bars as well.

Here is a rule of thumb for number of guests or attendees:

  • 30-125 people = One Booth, three hours
  • 125-250 people = One Booth, four hours
  • 250-500 people = Two Booths, four hours
  • 500-1000 people = Three Booths, four-five hours

3.  What is included in a Rental Package?

That depends on the vendor, but as a consumer you can request all Add-ons be included in the quoted package price.  Such Add-on items are Props, Guestbook, Online Hosting and Customized Headers.

However, many companies charge extra for these items and that is why you should always ask upfront about what exactly is included in that promotional price.  Individually these add-ons can bloat the end cost of the rental package.  Price shopping is not always a guarantee of saving money.

4.  What do your Props look like?

This is a fair question even if they are included in the package for free. What you have in mind and what they supply may not be the same. We here at Closed Curtain have the best props in all of Hampton Roads.

10 Questions to ask before renting a booth2

5.  What is a Guestbook and what kind do you provide?

One of the fun features of a photo booth at any event is the Guestbook. This is quite different from Scrap-booking. Guests can take a copy of their photo strip and glue it into a book and then write something next to it.  This activity is hugely popular at weddings and fun for all ages.  Again, ask what the Guestbook looks like and make sure that it is what you want. And be sure that all supplies like, glue and pens come with the Guestbook. Supplying your own Guestbook is the other option and do not be afraid to do just that. Even if it is free, it may not be worth anything in the end if it does not meet your expectations.

10 Questions to ask before renting a booth3

6.  What does the photo booth look like?

That may sound like a silly question, but it is not. Even though you see a picture of a photo booth on a website, this does not mean that this is what will show up at your wedding or event. Do not sign a contract if you are not sure of what will show up.  We live in an age of cheap knock-offs where the adage “Buyer Beware” really applies. Bridal Shows offer a great opportunity for consumers to see photo booths in action and also to see what the photo strip actually looks like.  There are many versions of photo booths.  There are actual booths, and then there are pipe and drapes, tents, boxes with a camera on top, et.   All need to be seen to make an informed decision about whether or not this product is a good match for your event.

Experienced event coordinators work only with trusted vendors for this very reason.  Disappointment at the event is way, way too late.

7.  Can the photo strips be personalized?

Yes, most vendors customize the photo strips with names and date. This is called the Header.  But here again, ask to see what this looks like.  You can request a sample of what the end product will look like.

It may not sound like a big deal but these strips are the one thing that guests hold onto long after your wedding or event.


8.  Do you offer unlimited photos at the event?

Again, most vendors advertise unlimited photos at events but it would be smart to have “unlimited” defined.   Here is why…

If 5 people are in the booth, 5 people should get a copy and then an additional copy should be made for the Guestbook. For some companies, unlimited means 2 copies per session.  That means that out of those 5 people, 2 will get photo strips.  Ask the vendor to be specific.

9.  Is there an attendant operating the booth all night?

Many clients assume that there is an attendant included and just as many assume that the booth runs itself.  It’s a machine!  There should always, always be an attendant.   That’s like setting up a bar and not including a bartender.  Someone needs to be responsible for and maintain the product you are paying for.

10.  Will I get a copy of all of the photos taken at the event?

I have never heard of a company not providing post event photos.  But make sure you confirm this. The delivery of those photos may vary. Usually the options are DVD, Flash-drive, and/or Online Hosting. You and your guests should never ever have to pay for photos after the event.  Not only is this an insult to your guests, but you already paid for them once. This is where the consumer might think they are getting a bargain upfront on a discounted rental and then realize extra costs later.