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Another Succesful Year For Hampton Roads Mom Prom benefiting CHKD.

Ladies and gentleman who so graciously donate! We are so excited to announce the Prom Pages! Prom pages is a directory we will promote year around to help advertise those who support us the most. We are so thankful to our sponsors, and we highly encourage you all to check the pages before you choose a hair dresser, photographer, baker, etc., in 2017 and beyond! These businesses sacrifice time and money to help us, which inevitably benefits Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD) in a big way. Hampton Roads Mom Prom wouldn’t be what it is without these selfless individuals and businesses by our side!

This is a message by the founders of Mom Prom. All proceeds go to benefit CHKD. We would like everybody who reads this post to take a moment to think of a way that they can make a contribution to a great cause. This event is always well attended and in most cases sold out within a few hours of the opportunity to purchase tickets. Anything that you can do helps. We are very fortunate to be able to donate our services to make the night enjoyable for everyone with one common goal in mind. Our photobooth company is always open to the opportunity to help others and we want to thank Amanda Moore and Cody Riggs for everything that they do. It is a blessing that they want to thank us the way that they do.



We are proud to introduce our new MIRROR ME PHOTO BOOTH. This is the first and only of its kind in Hampton Roads. This is definitely the coolest and sexiest photo booth Hampton Roads has to offer.

The Mirror Me Booth is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

With a customizable Workflow and Layout Builder, you can choose from a wide array of features to include in the interactive photo-taking experience. Choose to include gesture guidance, voice guidance, animated scenes displayed on the mirror, touch screen neon photo signing, an interactive “Screaming Contest”, and a colorful photo countdown.

I guarantee your guests will be talking about this photo booth for months after your wedding. You married couples will be saying “I wish this booth was around when we got married”.

Call Us Today To Book! Saturdays are going very quickly. 757-343-5396

Why Should I Hire a Professional Who Specializes In Their Field For Each Aspect Of My Wedding?

Today we’re talking about something that is near and dear to my heart- hiring professionals for your wedding. One would think that hiring professionals would be a no-brainer, but this isn’t always true. Sometime you think hiring a company who specializes in DJ services but has photo booths is just easier. Sometimes you just want to spend as little as possible, and so you resort to trying to find “alternatives” for the usual wedding services. And some of these “alternatives” usually end up involving having a friend or family member or friend of a friend or distant cousin do something instead of hiring a professional. In fact, there are even wedding planning sites out there that will tell you to not hire professionals in order to save money. Well friends, that is not a good idea. If you ask me, not hiring professionals is a recipe for disaster! Hiring a friend would end up causing way more issues than paying for a professional would… and yes, you get what you pay for!

Hiring a DJ who has a photo booth or a photographer who has a photo booth is also a recipe for disaster. Let’s be honest, you want your wedding to be perfect, so making sure that each aspect of your wedding is perfect should be left to the professionals in their prospective field. A company that specializes in photo booths pays attention to every little detail of the photo booth to make sure the props are clean and organized. They make sure the selection of props is amazing and not just some reused bucket of props from the wedding the night before. They will also make sure that the prints that the guest receive is just as beautiful as the rest of the details of your wedding. The scrapbooks are very important as well. When a company focuses on one service in particular you are going to have a better experience all the way around. It may seem easier to just have someone include a booth with their package but do you want just some booth? Do your guest want just some booth?  Statistics show that guests spend just as much time in the booth as they do anything else at the wedding. (BAR INCLUDED)




1.  Do they have insurance?

What can go wrong?  Oh, please!  This is probably the most important event of your life.  Your Venue, Caterer, Coordinator, DJ, Photographer and even your cake vendor will most likely have insurance. It is just as important that your photo booth entertainment does as well. Are you hiring a professional or an amateur? It has been a huge trend lately of photographers,dj’s, ETC. offering a photo booth as a way to increase their revenue. Would you buy a car from your insurance salesman? I would assume not. Let’s be honest you are either ok at a lot of things or great at one single thing. I have never seen a DJ or a photographer that has a great photo booth. You are not saving money by using them!!!!!!

January Blog 1/06/2016

The Gold Sequin’s backdrop coupled with a Open Air Booth has been a huge hit as of late. We wanted to post some of our favorite pics from some of our December bookings where clients used the gold sequin’s backdrop.

Anthony’s 40th Birthday 12/17/2015 at the Norfolk Waterside Sheraton Hotel. It was such a beautiful event.