Hashtag Printing Station


  • We are so excited to introduce one of two of our newest product offerings. Say hello to Hampton Roads first hashtag print station. This will work great by itself or in conjunction with one of our photo booths. This is perfect for large groups or even for those who don’t want to spend the money for a photo booth but still want something for their guests.

    1. Pick a # for your event
    2. Let your guests know to use that # for all the pictures that they take at your event.
    3. Stop by the hashtag station where are all of those pictures will appear in the gallery.
    4. Your guests can then print all of the photos that they like.
    5. We will customize the design of the print out for you.
    6. If you want to use with one of our photo booths we will have every picture from the booth also appear in the stations gallery.

  • This will be a great product for weddings, corporate parties, birthday parties, or large trade shows and so much more.