Every client has the option for a green background to add that extra effect to your photos. We have mastered the use of a green screen so our pictures come out perfect every time. You can choose the backgrounds or tell us your party theme and we will have unlimited backgrounds ready for your next event in Hampton Roads.

How it works….

How do you move characters around in a world that lives only in your imagination?

Through the magic of video effects and technology, you can superimpose your subjects onto virtual backgrounds, place them over animated digital backdrops or transport them to a desert oasis. The secret to pulling your subject out of the real world and placing him or her into a digital domain is chromakey, and that means going green. Keying is the process of isolating a single color or brightness value in an electronic image and using software to make that value transparent, allowing another image to show through the affected areas. Luminance keying, or lumakeying, is the process of keying out a brightness value or range, like black or white. Luminance keys are often used for applying mattes. Color keying, or chromakeying, identifies a specific color to remove. For more information on what greenscreen is, check out this article

greenscrean photography for events

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