May 2018


Anybody offering a photobooth for less than 500.00 on a weekend should find a new business because they are providing poor quality service to their customers. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Buyers should beware! Did you know a couple years ago that a photobooth for a wedding cost as much as $1,500.00 for a 4 hour booking? Is that price excessive? Yes, maybe it was but there were less competitors back then so there wasn’t much competition, so photobooth owners could set their prices high. This day in age there are a ton of photobooth providers in our market so prices have gone down significantly but that has also brought owners into our market that are renting a photobooth service but aren’t really providing a photobooth service. There is a HUGE difference in companies offering “photobooths” for less than $500.00 on a weekend for an event. The first question you should ask yourself is, is it really a photobooth? Does it print on-site? Are they using a webcam or a DSLR camera? Is there even a actual photobooth or is it a photographer standing in front of a backdrop taking pictures? If you answered no to any one of these questions then it is NOT a photobooth. Now let’s discuss the difference in a true photobooth company and why we do not price match. Our booths are real photobooths whether it be an open air booth or a traditional closed curtain booth. We use DSLR cameras. We print on site. We are also social media integrated meaning we send pics straight to your clients phones as well. Now lets discuss our costs. Our costs include paper and ink, gas, employees, prop damage, scrapbook materials, repairs to our booths, template design, insurance, advertising, postage, online gallery usage, ETC. When you add up the cost of an event it can total as much as $400.00 for a 3 hour event. We take great pride in everything that we do including our booth appearance, our employees appearance, timeliness, our picture quality, our prop quality, our scrapbook quality, our print out quality, our galleries an so much more. The point is,  just because we may be asking a couple hundred dollars more than our competitors we are paying attention to every little detail of our business and how that product is served to you and your guests. We run our business as a full time business. Do you really think the vendor who is making $85.00 at a booking pays attention to every aspect of the service they are providing? Are they cleaning their props between usage? Are they concerned that the picture quality is perfect? Are they going to show on time? Are they going to show at all? What does the photobooth presentation look like? What do the scrapbooks look like? Are they hiding charges that you will get later? What is the appearance of their booth attendants?  Are they trained to handle situations where the software stops working or the printers stop working at an event? Chances are the answer is no. Most of these one man companies,  DJ’s, or evn photographers who have purchased a photobooth or social media booth don’t have a backup if the equipment stops functioning at an event. We realize in this business and we know that each event is a special moment that you have put a lot of thought into. We know we only have one chance to make it perfect. We specialize in photobooths like your baker specializes in cakes. We are prepared for issues and we truly care about making your event perfect. There are a couple companies in the market like us who may not have the lowest prices but we truly treat this as a business because it is our FULL TIME JOB! This is not a side business for us so your review or referral  after our service is provided means everything to us.  You get what you pay for! We make sure the experience is perfect every time. These differences in my opinion are worth the couple of hundred dollars that we may be charging. Reviews speak all the truth that you need. Please take the time to read them. Please BEWARE OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING! BECAUSE IT COMES WITH THE LOWEST PRICE TAG DOESN’T MEAN IT IS THE SAME SERVICE. ALL PHOTOBOOTH COMPANIES ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY.